Watercolour as an art medium

15 Feb

I have written a previous blog on the importance of using art in the school. In our preschool, including the reception year, art is an integral part of the curriculum. Children are provided with numerous opportunities during each day, to partake in art activities. Parents and teachers are often reluctant to bring out the painting tools on a regular basis, because it is so messy and it involved a lot of cleaning up after the time. This should not be an excuse to use other art activities instead of painting! It is not acceptable to put out wax crayons, coloured pencils and felt tipped pens to the exclusion of paint.

Why painting?

  • Painting provides a different experience in comparison with other drawing tools.
  • Children are involved on an emotional level when they paint.
  • Paint is a powerful self-expression activity. Children do not always have the vocabulary to accurately put their feelings into words. Painting provides this link between feelings and the expression thereof.
  • Paint is an excellent medium to explore colours.
  • Manipulating a brush requires a different skill set to manipulating pencil-like drawing tools.
  • Painting develops hand-eye coordination.
  • Painting provides opportunities for social development.

All art activities, provided that they are non-prescriptive and allow for personal choice, encourage the development of self esteem and cognition. Come on, grab the easels and brushes and start painting!


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