Elsie Calitz

Dr Elsie Calitz is  a mother of five adult children and a grandmother of six. She counts among her greatest achievements her five brilliant, amazing children.

Dr Calitz holds a  BA degree in Social Work from the University of Pretoria, a Higher Education Diploma in Preprimary Education from the University of South Africa, as well as a Doctorate in Education from the University of South Africa.

She started her life as a social worker, but she switched to teaching after she had had her first four kids. She began her teaching career in a preschool and later moved on to an academic career in teacher training. Her tertiary teaching subjects were Movement Education and Environmental Education. She has served as chair, board member or in an advisory capacity, on the boards of various tertiary educational institutions. Currently, she is a director of a preschool and primary school based on the Reggio Emelia philosophy. Dr Calitz also develops, facilitates and organises courses for preschool and primary school teachers. She is actively involved in community service through the training of untrained preschool workers in rural areas.

Her interest in how children learn and develop lead her to extensive study of brain development. She is fascinated about how the new insights of brain development research is dramatically changing the landscape of learning and teaching.
She would like to share her passion, knowledge and experience with parents interested in helping children develop their potential. She truly believes that if we allow children to develop their potential, we should see nothing but geniuses.


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